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New to Online Class with Us?  Important Read!
Please sign in below to the class you want to attend. You will receive an automatic email with the Zoom link to join the class.  PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the class link email, you need all of your notifications checked on in MY INFO section of your MINDBODY account.  Otherwise, you will not receive the registration email. This is a frustrating software limitation.  Please click them on to prevent your frustration trying to get into class. 


How Do I Take Class?  
Use your yoga membership, your class card or drop in.  There is also a financial hardship payment option.  Sign up through our website via your current MINDBODY account (what we have always used to sign you in at our studio).  If you have not signed in online before, or are new to practicing with us, the software will prompt you.



What If I Sign in Online and it Doesn’t Recognize My Current Pass?
Sometimes if you are new to online (meaning you usually only sign in to class at the center), it creates a second account for you.  Or, you create an account with a different email address. Don’t worry, just email us at and we can merge your accounts.


What Do I Need to Do to Prepare
– Create a free account using the same name you use at the studio.
– Set your MINDBODY settings to receive all email and/or text notifications in MY INFO section of your account! 
– Set up a practice space and be creative getting props from around the house.  


  Zoom Classes Are LIVE

Don’t sign in to a video class from your bathroom or in the nude.  We’re joking, but serious.  Your classmates will see you.  There are small images of everyone that is in the class.  Don’t worry, there is an option to turn your personal video image off.  These classes WILL NOT be recorded.    

Massage Members
We have added a free yoga per calendar month to upcoming membership payments.  Any yoga classes or passes you purchase will automatically have 10% off. Email us at if you need help.


It Won’t Be Perfect
We set it up overnight and have never done this before.  The teachers are new to it.  You’re new to it.  Internet and sites like Zoom are being heavily used and might be slow or have buffering issues.  If you have issues, email us at 

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