The MindSet

The MindSet is an innovative journey that enables you along the way to identify and release mindsets and heartsets that no longer serve your life’s highest purpose and potential, freeing you to create your true life. It is a different way of approaching how you interact with your life by offering the opportunity to zoom out and look from a higher perspective so that you can view your true path clearly.  The MindSet Journey teaches you how to ‘put it all down’, connect to the present, and just be. 


Book a 15 min discovery talk with Priya and learn how the TheMindSet Journey is for you!

Priya is the originator of The MindSet Journey which enables individuals and groups to redefine what’s possible in their lives ~ work, families, relationships, communities. Priya relies on the ancient tradition of Zen and the modern technology of Trilotherapy (creating inner balance to integrate our personality). She enable her clients to take direct steps to realizing and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Applying the powerful tools of The MindSet, Priya will escort you on a journey that enables you to identify and release mindsets and heartsets, through the understanding that many of our thoughts no longer serve us and do not match our present life freeing you to create your true life.

Use the tools of The MindSet to quiet your inner critic, confusion, anxiety, inner diminution and guilt and replace it with instant relief and lasting insight.

Internationally recognized MindSet originator Priya Glikman is a sought after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator,                                                            conference speaker and seminar leader.

We welcome you to learn The MindSet way and tools, to connect to a state of inner happiness and freedom.  Step into a heightened level of power and effectiveness and book your session today.

“In one session with Priya I was able to balance the conflict between my heart and my mind bringing me into the joy of the present moment. Priya is a master practitioner!”

– Prudence Hall, MD, California

This process enabled me to calm the inner noise that had been plaguing me for years and keeping me from experiencing the joy that is our birthright. Through Priya’s guidance, I was able to transform this self-sabotaging voice into an ally committed to ensuring that my thoughts and behaviors align to enable me to live a joyous, fulfilling life, personally and professionally. My relationships have improved; I have become a better partner, mother, daughter and friend.”

– Emily, L.LM, Life Coach, Israel

“I lead a rather driven life, have been referred to as a classic overachiever. I spend a lot of time working, studying, striving to achieve in every area of my life.While I have achieved great success, my life felt unbalanced. I was lucky to find Priya Glikman, and have worked with her individually, in workshops and as a meditation teacher. Priya guided me to a higher level of self-awareness, which increased my ability to concentrate and focus. Her work freed me to invest 100% toward achieving my goals, while teaching me to remain calm in the process. Her work guided me in setting and achieving appropriate goals while becoming a more centered human being. Priya is a loving life guide, remains present to her client’s vulnerabilities and fears, is skillful, compassionate, open-hearted and warm, exuding great empathy for her clients and students, yet remains driven to achieve maximal wellness for them. I look forward to continuing to build upon all the many lessons I have learned from Priya”.

– Theodora, L.LM, M.Sc. LMFT, Greece

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