Yoga Styles



A class designed for beginners or those who would like to work at a slower pace. Beginner classes are ideal for building a strong foundation and understanding the philosophy and basic postures of Hatha Yoga.


Cultivating the tools for internal experience, Hatha Yoga integrates physical postures (asanas), attention to energy and patterns of the breath (pranayama) and concentration (dharana). All of the physical yoga asana practices are considered Hatha yoga. This class description generally means there are no/ minimal sun salutations and chataranga (push-up) transitions.


This is an all levels class taught by graduates of our teacher training program.


A slow to moderate paced flowing practice that incorporates alignment details. This class is intended to be a midpoint between Hatha and Vinyasa in pace and activity level.


Rooted in the rich Yog-Vedantic tradition of the Himalayas, “Integrated” means that the class is a complete yoga experience, including breathwork, meditation, kriyas, mantra, asana and yogic wisdom.  Each of these yogic practices enhances and supports the others in yielding their potential to intelligently activate all the layers of our being, increase flow of energy currents in the spine, balance the brain, stabilize the nervous system, create a sense of grounded expansiveness, and all around enliven one’s being. 


We will explore the alignment principles and vinyasa of Ashtanga Yoga. Classes will be either half or full primary series.


An all levels, self-paced Ashtanga practice. Students are taught the classic Ashtanga sequences pose-by-pose. The teacher assists and adjusts practitioners individually. Beginners and those with a therapeutic self-practice welcome.


Following the 6 week postpartum check-up, this class is designed for women to slowly and safely regain core and pelvic muscular support and to recuperate physically and emotionally from childbirth. Nursing, diaper changing, and supporting babies is welcome throughout and this is a great opportunity to meet other mothers. Babies are welcome until crawling age.


This class is designed for pregnant women to enhance the mind and body’s ability to comfortably move through the phases of pregnancy and prepare for childbirth. All stages of pregnancy welcome and supported. A great place to be in community of other mothers. Partners and caregivers welcome.


Qigong is a Taoist practice designed to recharge our energy and ease tension. It helps improve posture, enhance awareness, and release stress. This class presents exercises and self-care techniques that focus on different aspects of Qi Gong: breath awareness, self-massage, balance, fluidity, energy regulation, meditation, being present, and focusing on one thing at a time.


Designed to rejuvenate the parasympathetic nervous system, a class that induces deep relaxation through a minimal series of passive, supported poses. 


A dynamic practice linking breath with movement, fostering an active, moving meditation. Vinyasa classes include sun salutations in their sequencing.


Yin Yoga is a passive style of yoga, associated with Chinese Meridian theory, in which poses are held for minutes at a time. Yin works at the level of connective tissues and promotes circulation along the energetic pathways. It releases deeply held tension below the musculature, boosts organ function, and promotes emotional wellness. It is an ideal complement to movement-based, yang-oriented activities.


Yoga Nidra, or “yogic sleep,” is the art of conscious relaxation. Yoga Nidra is practiced while lying down as the instructor guides you through the layers of the body and mind, penetrating unconscious material, allowing you to release old body/mind patterns that keep you stuck in a “less than amazing” reality. Reduce stress, improve digestion, and prepare the mind for deeper, better quality sleep. Please wear comfortable clothing: there is no physical practice.


Yoga Class Cancellation Policy: If you have pre-registered and are unable to attend, please cancel 30 minutes before class begins to have your class credited to you.   

Yoga In The Park Cancellation Policy: If you have pre-registered and are unable to attend, please cancel 24 hours before class begins to have your class credited to you, and to avoid a $15 no show fee as space is very limited.  

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