Massage Styles

Our therapists specialize in multiple massage modalities. Ask them to tailor your session to achieve what you need support with.


Swedish technique, traditionally the basis for most American spa massage, is for relaxation and to assist the body in healing. Typically a series of smooth long and shorter strokes using oil, it helps alleviate stress and provides a soothing and calming experience.


Shiatsu, which means “finger pressure, ” and is a point therapy without oil based on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture principals. Gentle stretching and breath work can also be included.


A vigorous form of massage tailored to active people that combines stretching, deep strokes, trigger point work and rocking and shaking to stimulate the body and promote quick recovery after exercise.


Area specific and overall bodywork technique, using skillful, strong pressure. Less oil than in Swedish massage. Deep tissue focuses on the deeper layers of soft tissue including muscles, fascia, and tendons.


Nurturing and supportive, this bodywork relieves the stresses of a changing, mother-to-be body. Can be deep or light depending on the need of the client. Usually side lying, supported with pillows, and/or on one’s back using a wedge.


Trigger point therapy, also called neuromuscular therapy, is the application of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction. By skillfully using precise pressure at these points, the point and the referred area can be disarmed, creating more comfort, relaxation, and ease of movement.

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