Our Story

The Mindful Body opened in 1994, as one of the first wellness centers in San Francisco.

We are proud to continue being a welcoming, community-based center that offers high quality, therapeutic massage and intelligent yoga in small class sizes, The MindSet method for inner development work, meditation classes and a variety of workshops. Our vision is to offer something that is meaningful and supportive in life’s always evolving changes.

The studio was founded by Roy Bergmann and his daughter Hillary, who passed the torch to yoga teacher Maile Sivert in 2014. In 2018 Priya and Guy Glikman partnered with Maile and brought The MindSet method to the center.

We have always been independently operated and love being a part of the cultural fabric of this health-conscious city. In 2018 we were honored to become a San Francisco Legacy Business which recognized our contribution to the city’s community for over 20 years.  

Due to the challenges of pandemic closures, we are sadly leaving behind our California Street location.  We plan to re-open soon in a new space where we can co-create a place for people to meet, heal, practice, and connect.

San Francisco

Emergency Phone Number: (415) 942-4002