Ashtanga–Mysore Style

Mysore style practice is the
self-paced, traditional forum and cornerstone for studying Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

We offer it as we were taught by Sri. K Pattabhi Jois and Richard Freeman. No experience with the series is necessary and beginning students are always welcome.

Our approach to the practice is inviting and personalized. Practitioners arrive anytime during the class period and practice for as little or as long as they like, but are encouraged to build endurance so that a one to two hour sequence becomes routine. The teacher moves around the room and practitioners are supported by the teacher individually. Beginners and those with a therapeutic self-practice welcome. If you are a new student, please check in with the teacher upon arrival.


During the week that Leigha Nicole is in town, the Introductory Offer for new students will NOT apply to Mysore classes. If you plan to study with Leigha for her week long Immersion, but do not plan to return to The Mindful Body, we have created a special week long unlimited Yoga pass for you, at a cost of $89. 

Regular Mysore Schedule

Monday through Thursday 6 to 9am | Mysore Practice Led by Matt Champoux
Teacher arrives to adjust at 7am and chants mantram at 7:25am.

Fridays 7 – 8:30am | Led Ashtanga Primary Series Led by Matt Champoux
A guided half primary or primary series class.  All students practice together at the same pace.

Sundays 7:30 to 10:00am | Mysore Practice Led by Anthea Grimason
Anthea arrives to adjust and chant mantram at 8:00am.

Important to Know : 
New to Mysore? Please arrive after 7am Monday through Thursday and after 8am on Sunday when the teacher is present.

Traditionally, Mysore-style Ashtanga is not practiced on full and new moons, which are considered inauspicious days on which to engage in strenuous practice.

Adjunct Faculty: Leigha Nicole

Elsa Karpasitis, Nicole Thompson and Cheryl Kapchan regularly sub for the Mysore program.


2017 Mysore Moon Days

At The Mindful Body, we observe the full and new moon days as rest days, where no formal practice is offered. Practitioners are encouraged to use this time for reflection and study.

*We will still hold Friday Led Ashtanga, when it falls on a Moon Day. 


New Moon

Full Moon

January Wednesday 11th Friday 27th
February Friday 10th (led ashtanga) Sunday 26th
March Sunday 12th Monday 27th
April Monday 10th Tuesday 25th
May Wednesday 10th Thursday 25th
June Friday 9th (led ashtanga) Friday 23rd (led ashtanga)
July Saturday 8th Saturday 22nd
August Monday 7th Monday 21st
September Tuesday 5th Tuesday 19th
October Thursday 5th Thursday 19th
November Friday 3rd (led ashtanga) Friday 17th (led ashtanga)
December Sunday 3rd Sunday 17th

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